Accreditation & Benchmarking of Service Providers

elogbooks offer you a wide selection of pre-screened service providers covering a range of services and geographical areas. As a client you will be able to view rates, performance statistics, health and safety information, financial records and much more. Elogbooks gives you a diverse pool of service providers who continue to deliver and meet the highest quality of service level standards.

If you have existing service providers we will be happy to take them through our accreditation process.

Management and Monitoring of Service Provider SLA’s

All work managed through elogbooks gives you clear and ‘real time’ information on a range of SLAs including response times, PM completion, missed PPM, quote turn around time and much more. At any time you can interrogate the system and extract the information you require, when you need it. We manage service delivery and help suppliers meet the standards you require.

Web Based CAFM Software

Multiple service providers and multiple sites often means that your portfolio information is dotted around in any number of different systems. elogbooks gives you the chance to bring all of this information together in one single manageable system which you control and can access anywhere.

Your system, your data; if you change supplier you will not lose valuable site history.

Risk Management

Statutory and legislative compliance works are crucial to facilities management. We mitigate the risk involved by ensuring these works are completed to the required standards and that documentation is complete and accessible.

elogbooks will work with any of your existing risk management providers to integrate and share information.

End to End Workflow Management & Communication Audit trail

From initial inception of a job right through to completion, elogbooks manages all aspects of planned and reactive works and ensures that you are kept up to date with the progress of works on your portfolio. A full communication audit trail allows you to review the history and current status of any job in real time.

24/7 Support Desk for Communication Handling

Our experienced support desk staff work with the system to ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten. Facilities management is a people business and by combining technology with a human element we ensure that all communication is logged and all jobs are tracked, chased and closed before they are overdue. Nothing will fall into a black hole.

Document & Data Management via Electronic Logbook

We appreciate that the management of multiple sites means that you can’t be everywhere at once. By utilising our web based document management system we bring site logbooks to you, wherever you are. Health and Safety Information, certification, specifications, schematics and more, all available instantly. We’ll also alert you when these documents are due to expire.

Bespoke Reporting & Forecasting

elogbooks can hold extensive data on your portfolio which would allow you to interrogate the system to produce bespoke reports at your convenience. Example reports include budgeting, asset condition reports, asset deterioration reports, reactive jobs logged, job type, missed PPM, PPM requiring attention, legislative compliance filter. In essence if the data is in the system we can display it in almost any format you require.

If you would like more information on elogbooks services and how we can help you to manage your portfolio contact us