Don’t be overlooked for new commercial opportunities...

Elogbooks FM Ltd brings clients and service providers together to form long lasting mutually beneficial working relationships in the commercial marketplace

We recruit and accredit only the very best service providers across all facilities management sectors and match accredited service providers to clients, based on a precise and exacting specification from commercial clients who require exceptional service.

Register Your Company

Registration is easy, We’ll ask you to fill out a few details about your company and your services and then your details will be added to our database of commercial suppliers. This will also open your accreditation account which will allow you to begin Accreditation.


Get Accredited

Our accreditation procedure provides you with a platform to showcase your business to potential clients.

Simply fill out the online form and upload the requested information. Our accreditation team will help you through the process and once you’ve submitted your form will issue your certificate.


Get new Business

There are multiple benefits to be gained from becoming Elogbooks accredited, most importantly the opportunity to bid for new commercial business with client who use our service.

Elogbooks Accreditation is a recognised mark of quality required by our industry leading clients when sourcing service providers. It tells clients that not only is your business capable of demonstrating Quality at tender stage, but that you maintain this level of quality at ALL times throughout the course of your working relationships with clients.

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